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About Us


Hercules Kyriakou is an established film producer/director in Cyprus since 2004. He graduated from the University of Sunderland, UK, with a BA Hons degree in Digital Film Production. Hercules spent years working in the field of video and film production, mostly as a director and cameraman. In May 2004 Hercules produced his own independent production: HKS PRODUCTIONS. The production became for Hercules the launching pad for experimenting and producing audiovisual projects.

As an independent producer, Hercules Kyriakou is also very much interested in international co-productions. During his professional career, Hercules has attended seminars and participated in professional workshops, and also took part in the Cyprus International Film Festival of 2013 as a volunteer. Through this continuing experience, Hercules has established many useful contacts with producers and other professionals from many European countries and USA.

In the last ten years Hercules managed to establish a variety of audiovisual pieces including short films, commercials, TV productions, and documentaries with success. 

The first HKS PRODUCTIONS team in 2005.

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